What we do

Aegtek Technology Co.,Limited was incorporated in 2014, is a world-famous Diversified Company with its Headquarter in Huizhou and Office in Hong Kong. Aegtek is well-known by its innovation and various product range, including electronics, electronic cigarettes, home appliances and accessories. Aegtek offer a wide variety of products and services to customers from more than 60 countries and regions. And its products and services are widely accepted and approved by worldwide customers from different industries, which largely changed the way of working and lifestyle of people from all over the world.

Core Value

Since its foundation, Aegtek has been governed by the following core value, which shape their culture and define the character of the company and which guide how they behave and make a decision.
World Class Services
Innovation and Integrity
Quality and Punctuality
Work in harmony and mutual respect as family members
Healthy and Environmental friendly


Our Mission is to design, create and deliver quality and innovative products and outstanding service that meet the unique needs and expectations of global customers and to change it to a better way of working and better lifestyle.


Technologies for all industries
Products and services for all families
Innovations for all people
Aegtek promises to implement the sustainable development via protecting environment, fulfilling the social responsibility and promoting the development of economy, which means not only to meet the demand of current society, but also to create a better world of development for next generations.